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Masonic ChartMasonic Chart

Masonic Chart

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    In the center of the print is a Masonic gateway with a Masonic member in Masonic regalia. On the steps of the gateway, a woman is pulling a man towards the gate. The gateway leads to a path leading to the top of a mountain. Varieties of men are already on the path, probably a representative of the degrees of membership in their quest for perfection. At the top center, above the mountaintop, an allegorical female figure stands on a globe in front of a radiating sun. Beside the gateway are two columns. The column on the left has a globe on top with a bottom inscription reading “TO THE GLORY OF THE GRAND ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE.” The column on the right has a globe with heavens on it. It bears an inscription reading “IN THE NAME OF GOD AND ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST”. There are a variety of symbols and code on the polls. To the right and left of the print are two stone platforms, each with three women standing on them. The left platform is decidedly more militant with the 3 allegorical women literally crushing four figures, each having symbols of war and destruction. The woman on the right of that platform carries a banner that reads “Fraternity. Equality. Liberty.” The woman in the center holds a sword in her left hand and a flag with stripes is clutched in her right hand. The woman has a symbolic eight stars in a circle, slightly above her head. A Masonic code is written on the platform base. The code reads: “To worship God, the father of all men__ To hope for a life in heaven, the reward of good accomplished on earth__ To love our fellow men and to do for them all that we desire for ourselves__ To respect all forms by which men are pleased to worship God. To combat error not with iron, nor with fire, but with truth. To love our country, and to devote ourselves to its welfare, ever to the sacrifice of our lives. To watch with tender care over the happiness of our families and to educate our children in the sentiments of love, humanity and patriotism. To instruct the ignorant, to cloth the naked, to nurse the sick, to furnish work to the strong, and always and every where to proclaim fraternity of all, the equality of all and liberty for all.” The platform on the right has a decidedly more maternal, placid display of women. The woman in the center holds a child while another stands in front of another woman. The woman on the left of that holds a banner that reads “KINDNESS. DEVOTION. GENEROSITY.” A Masonic prayer is written on the platform base. The prayer reads: “Sovereign arbiter of all things; Thou with one glance embracest [sic.] all space, before whom worlds pass like the leaf wafted by the winds, from the height of Thy Eternity hear our vows; Enlighten us with a ray of Thy divine light. Warm our hearts with a spark of Thy immense love. Let us be the apostles of Thy law, that the world may understand us, and that all men, rallied under the banner of brotherly love, may march harmoniously in the path of progress to perfection.”

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